Christophe BELLIERES (french, 39 years old, member of the SACEM, myspace Youtube).

Studies : Psychology degree

Musical experience
1974 - 1980 : School of music in Albi (france).
1987 - 1994 : Lead vocals & guitars in UTOPIE (progressive rock band).
1998  Lead vocals, guitars & keyboards in MALDOROR (progressive rock band).
Writing of a lot works including the rock progressive opera "L'Arbre-Cimetière" (MALDOROR).
Sound engineering : mixing and mastering of "L'Arbre-Cimetière" (MALDOROR).

Computing experience
1998 - 2001 : BORLAND beta tester for Delphi.
Mastery in Pascal, Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript.
Making of website :  MALDOROR, Carrosserie Rigoulat

Game experience
Creation of a MOD for CALL OF DUTY
Technical knowledge in video games sound design (realtime integration, scripted music, 3D audio engine...)